Property Management Standards

This summary specifies the basic services that every association doing business with Imagineers should expect. Each community association manager is responsible for the maintenance of these standards in order for our “core” service delivery to be consistent among managers and in conformance with the representations we make when our services are offered to prospective clients.


1. Budget


·         The annual budget will be drafted 60-90 days prior to the end of the fiscal year or at an earlier time if that has been agreed to with a particular client board.  


·         The budget will be entered using the C3 program.


·         The budget will be annotated; that is, a narrative explanation of each line item will be attached to the budget page itself. The narrative will be written in such a way as to be comprehensible to someone who has or had not seen the budget previously.


·         The budget will include a schedule of monthly common fee rates based on the allocation of percentage of ownership defined in the association’s governing documents.


·         The budget mailing to the home owners shall include a statement of reserves as required by state statute.


·         The mailing of the budget home owners meeting shall conform with the requirements of governing documents and the state statutes. 


·         Monthly financial statements will be carefully reviewed by the manager each month before they are provided to clients. Monthly financial statements will be distributed to clients in a timely and consistent manner whatever is acceptable to that board. 


2. Site Visits & Maintenance Supervision


·         Unless otherwise negotiated in the management contract, each community will be visited by its manager at least once per week. Part of each week’s visit will be devoted to looking for:

·         Items in need of preventative maintenance, repair or correction

·         Infractions of the Rules of the Association

·          Review of services provided to the association by service providers including maintenance staff


·         Managers will offer to do complete walk-throughs with board representatives annually in order to create a mutual understanding of general maintenance needs.  The walk-throughs will be not more than 3 hours and will be conducted during daylight hours on a weekday excluding Friday afterhours.  The manager will consider offering having the maintenance person assigned to the community participate in the walk-around subject to maintenance hourly rates.


·         Managers will accept responsibility for the efficient distribution of all service requests. The effect of this supervision will be to ensure that each homeowner who makes a service request is responded to within a reasonable time frame.  The manager shall assist in directing maintenance department staff by prioritizing service requests and identifying service requests that are not the responsibility of the association to complete.


3.  Board Meetings


Managers understand that, in spite of the day to day interaction with individuals on the board, the board meeting is the only time Imagineers meets with all of those who represent the other party on our management agreement. Consequently, each board meeting is a special opportunity to make a positive impression. Managers will devote sufficient time to board meeting preparation in order to make the most of that opportunity.


·         Managers will use both their laptop computer and internet access at each board meeting.


·         Action Points will be taken at every board meeting using the Property Management program.


·         Action Points will be distributed within 48 hours of each board meeting to the property assistant assigned to the community and to all others assigned action points.


·         Action Points will begin with an action statement.


·         A summary report will be included in each Board meeting package.


·         The guidelines for board meeting packages will be followed when preparing regular meeting board packages.


4. Contracts / Purchasing / Invoice Approval


·         Purchase Orders will be used for all superintendent-related purchases at a minimum. Managers should consider using purchase orders for all purchases of materials and services in order to reduce the chance of error in bill payment authorization.


·         As a general rule, no invoice will be paid without the manager’s specific approval using the accounts payable application.  Invoices shall be reviewed not less than weekly.  The manager shall at the same time release payments to vendors taking into consideration the cash available, payment due dates and association priorities.  The manager shall advise the board of any serious issue in meeting payment obligations.


·         Purchase orders should be referred to by managers when they approve bills each month. Managers should initial each purchase order as the invoice for that purchase is approved. This practice prevents double payments.


·         Written bid specifications will be used for substantial contract work to be bid. Contracts will also have appropriate specifications. Guidance on particular specifications will be sought from Suzanne Berry, Karl Kuegler and Donna Rathbun whenever necessary.


·         Contracts approved by the association especially with a value greater than $1000 shall be signed by a member of the board not by the property manager.


·         Insurance certificates will be required and filed for every contractor in advance of that contractor’s work. Managers will be sure to maintain current certificates.


·         Managers understand that Worker’s Compensation coverage will be required any time a contractor will perform work with one or more persons in addition to himself. Contrary to what a contractor may occasionally contend, such “crew” workers cannot automatically be considered “subcontractors”.  The manager promotes considering maintaining insurance coverage even if the association does not have employees.  Whenever there is need for clarification of this issue, the manager can contact Suzanne Berry, Donna Rathbun or Karl Kuegler for guidance.


 5. Other Administrative Responsibilities 


·         Managers will review the governing documents and policies for each community they serve. Any questions will be brought to Suzanne Berry, Donna Rathbun or Karl Kuegler attention.


·         Annual reports to be filed with the Connecticut Secretary of State will be done on a timely basis.  This is done through each office.


·         Fidelity bonding which conforms to state law will be placed on behalf of each community.


·         Client insurance coverage in general will be understood and kept in place. Boards will be apprised of upcoming insurance expiration in order to allow for time for re-bidding if the board wishes.


·         Boards will be apprised of the need for an annual audit and the filing of tax returns. Tax return will not be signed by the manager but by a member of the association’s board.


·         The manager shall understand the difference between a compilation, a review or an audit. Such advisement by the manager should be entered into board minutes.


·         The manager will track the last time each association has had a CPA perform an annual report.  This information will be provided to the resale document coordinator.


·         Managers will take responsibility for the proper oversight of applicable sales tax calculation for each community.


·         Managers will suggest that each community approve and assist in the preparation of the following:

·         Collection Policy

·         Maintenance Standards

·         Record Review Policy

·         Annual Schedule of Meetings


6. Communication


·         Written correspondence will be acknowledged quickly. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, letters will be responded to in writing.


·         Phone calls will be returned when possible on the day they are received but no later than within one business day.


·         Emails shall be replied to when possible on the day they are received but no later than within one business day.


·         Managers will keep the office appraised of their location while out of the office during business hours and will be sure that their cell phones are on and working. If, for some reason, a manager has been out of reach, he / she will call the office to minimize communication-related problems.


·         Managers will make liberal use of technology devices provided for their use but are not expected to be monitoring email communications afterhours


·         Managers will ensure that they have access to the computer network afterhours in the event information needs to be accessed to address an after-hours emergency.


·         In the event of an extreme emergency within an association, not limited to structure fires or other extreme damage to property, the manager will contact immediately Karl Kuegler or Ken Schultz.


7. Imagineers Business Issues


·         Managers will be certain that all management and maintenance fees are billed correctly and on time.


·         Managers will see to it that Imagineers is paid as soon as possible; that there will be no unnecessary delay in payment of Imagineers invoices.


·         Managers will apprise Ken Schultz or Karl Kuegler of the upcoming expiration of our management contract at least 60 days in advance, so that we have the opportunity to make an appropriate fee proposal as part of our contract renewal. 


·         Managers will understand what information is kept on a Resale Certificate and will see to it that such information is kept current. 


8. After-Hours Emergencies


Managers will immediately respond to callers who have contacted our answering service about an emergency. After making contact with the caller to let that person know we have received the message, the manager will arrange for whatever action is appropriate. Managers shall make a concerted effort to be available by cell phone on weekends and during extreme weather.


9. Potential Environmental Hazards


Managers will:


·         Alert Suzanne Berry, Donna Rathbun or Karl Kuegler if projects are being planned at a community which could conceivably create an asbestos disturbance, so that Imagineers has the opportunity to recommend appropriate preventive action with the community’s board.


·         Remind boards whenever this is appropriate that Imagineers cannot be expected to fulfill an association’s environmental compliance responsibilities.


·         Encourage boards to hire an EPA-certified consultant to perform an asbestos survey so that boards can know in advance where asbestos is present within the complex.


·         Be aware of painted surfaces that may contain lead and seek properly qualified service providers to test and advice on the handling of any materials found to contain lead.


·         Be aware of the issues created by unhealthy levels of mold.  Seek direction on how to properly address mold found to be a health concern.


·         Take reasonable steps to determine if there are underground oil or propane storage tanks at communities under their supervision. If there are, managers will make this known to Suzanne Berry, Donna Rathbun or Karl Kuegler so that boards can be advised to take necessary action.