Services Provided

Staffing - We will serve your community from either our Hartford or Seymour office.  We will assign a property manager to coordinate our services. Typically, our full staffing for management services are structured as follows: The Property Manager, who will be responsible for the overall management of the community.  The Property Assistant to the Property Manager will handle all resident service requests for assistance.  Accounting staff that includes a General Ledger Accountant, a Trade Accounts Receivable Specialist/ Clerk and a Trade Accounts Payable Specialist/Clerk.   We can, and often do, provide a skilled and experienced maintainer from our staff to do this work.   The usage of Imagineers maintenance staff is determined by the board.  Our client communities can also use their own employees, or properly insured contractors, to perform routine maintenance under our direction.  We manage the arrangement that makes the best sense at each community.

Selection and Supervision of Contractors - We carefully recruit contractors. We do not impose the use of particular contractors on clients. Although the board controls the selection of contractors, this does not diminish our responsibility to recommend capable contractors and to properly supervise the work of whoever is ultimately retained.

Attending Board Meetings - The Property Manager attends Board meetings and the annual Association meeting unless otherwise negotiated.  In addition, personnel from Imagineers may also participate with the Board, and its committees, when and if required in the mutual need of the parties concerned. 

Correspondence on Behalf of the Association - We prepare delinquency letters and all required communication regarding rules infractions, bills, etc. as the Board directs.  All written communication is provided to the Board.

Prepare Annual Site Reviews (walk-throughs) - The Property Manager offers to perform with the board a walk-through twice annually (Spring and Fall) to create a comprehensive mutual understanding of maintenance needs.

Emergency On-Call Service - We maintain a current list of qualified service companies that are available to respond to emergencies such as water line breaks, broken windows, roof leaks, and any such deficiencies requiring emergency-type attention.  We have a 24-hour per day, seven day per week emergency call program for vital support systems on the property.  As part of this program, a responsible staff person is designated "on-call" for emergencies and other extraordinary situations.

Service Requests - The Property Manager accepts responsibility for the oversight of the efficient distribution of all service requests to ensure that each homeowner making a service request is responded to within a reasonable time frame. 

Property Inspection - On an agreed upon frequency your community will receive regular site visitations devoted to looking for maintenance, repair or correction items in addition to contract and vendor management.

Solicit Competitive Bids and Contract Management - We will engage in the competitive bidding process with multiple vendors, summarize the bidding process and provide recommendations based upon our experiences in managing these outside vendors/contractors.  Through our many years in the industry we have developed a large stable of qualified vendors. 

Physical Management - We develop a plan for ongoing maintenance and oversee the common space maintenance issues.

Prepare Annual Operating Budget - We will prepare an annual preliminary "draft" budget setting forth an itemized statement of the anticipated income and expenses for the forthcoming fiscal year, together with a recommended schedule of assessments.

Collection of Association Fees - We collect all assessments and fees due from unit owners and residents and assist to ensure a uniform collection policy and attorney collection process. 

Prepare Check Disbursements - We cause to be disbursed regularly and punctually funds deposited in the Association's account.  These funds shall include payments to vendors, independent contractors or employees hired pursuant to Board direction.  These funds include sums otherwise due and payable by the Association as operating expenses authorized to be incurred under the terms of this agreement or otherwise.

Reconcile Bank Statements and Prepare Monthly Financial Statements - We reconcile the bank statement each month and provide copies to the Board.  Monthly financial statements are reviewed by the Property Manager each month before they are provided to the Board.  Monthly financial statements are distributed to the Board based upon monthly Board meeting dates.