HCV Property Owner Benefits

Becoming an HCV Property Owner with Imagineers has many benefits in comparison to renting your apartments in the private market.  Some of those benefits include:

  1. Reliable Payments: Once a HAP Contract has been fully executed, PHAs (public housing agency) guarantees a monthly payment to you, as long as the family remains eligible, and the unit remains in compliance with HQS requirements.
  2. Rent Protection: Unlike in the private market, you are protected from loss of rent due to your tenant experiencing financial hardship.  Your tenant is responsible for reporting loss of income to Imagineers.  Once properly reported by the tenant, the subsidy payment will increase to compensate for the reduced income of your tenant.
  3. Free Listing/Matching Services: Imagineers has approximately 6,000 voucher participants, most often than not there are hundreds of participants searching for available apartments.  If you list your vacant apartments with us, we will ensure that all of our participants have access to your listing upon their request.  Our apartment listings are also automatically given to new voucher holders ensuring guaranteed listing exposure from both new and existing participants.  You can add or remove your apartment listings at your convenience by calling 860-768-3306.
  4. Comparable Contract Rents: Rents may equal, but not exceed, other comparably sized and equipped units in the area.
  5. Rent Increases: You may request a rent increase once a year after the initial term of the lease.
  6. Inspections: The PHA will inspect your apartments annually.  Many HCV Property Owners agree that annual inspections provide peace of mind as frequently inspected apartments have proven to maintain the integrity of the properties throughout the years. 
  7. Assistance from the PHA: In the unfortunate event that your tenant violates any terms of your lease, you will have the opportunity to address your concerns with your tenant’s caseworker for possible mediation and resolution.
  8. Property Owner Portal: You will be able to view and print payment information, review HQS inspection outcomes, submit requests electronically, apply for direct deposit and access many more features. 

Imagineers’ property owners play a vital role in our agency’s efforts to provide affordable housing to approximately 6,000 households within the jurisdictions that we administer the Housing Choice Voucher Program in throughout the state of Connecticut.  Your partnership in providing decent, safe and sanitary housing to our voucher participants is key to the continuing success of the HCV Program.