What sets us apart?

Our Professional Reputation. - Our good name is our greatest asset. This view is evident in the way we treat our clients, vendors and employees.

Our Depth of Our Experience and Support Team. - We have been providing management services for 35 years, through good and bad economic times. Our experience shows, from our first day of service to your community. You not only have a dedicated, experienced property manager with Imagineers you also have a full support team.   

Our Size. - We work hard to make sure our size is a plus, not a minus. Serving over 214 communities allows us to offer a better recruited, trained and supervised staff.  It also allows us to provide a deep pool of back-up resources to properly support our managers under all circumstances.  Finally, it helps us keep our fees low and offer more valued-added services through economies of scale. 

Our Staff. Our staff retention is extraordinarily high.  We have eight (8) property managers that have more than 20 years' experience in the condominium management industry.  A condominium manager at Imagineers has a career, and that results in better client service. Our condominium managers are well compensated. They receive excellent family health insurance and a pension plan, and also receive special time off each month in recognition of monthly evening board commitments. Our staff recruitment process includes employment and criminal background checks. We train our managers when they are hired and regularly thereafter. Training sessions cover condominium accounting and insurance issues, personnel management, regulatory developments, construction and landscape issues, computer software applications, etc. Our training is rooted in the direct service experience of our senior managers.

Our Commitment to Service.  The cornerstone of our client relationship has been our staff dedication to consistently delivering strong customer service and our ability to staff quality employees.  It is the reason why we have continued to grow.  We believe that clients will stay with us because they can expect to receive a higher level of service and because we have the best employees.  Our employees understand that consistency, accountability and responsiveness are paramount to building a long-term customer relationship.  We are committed to ensuring accountability and identifying and reducing any "friction points" in the delivery of our services.  Our employees are committed to routinely practicing "uncommon courtesy" and above average customer service.

Our Existing Clients and Our Professional Reputation. Since 1980, we have routinely provided prospective clients with the names and telephone numbers of the leaders of every client community not just a selection. Nobody else does that. We are well regarded by suppliers, insurance agents, banks, realtors, attorneys and public accounting firms serving condominium associations throughout the state. We will provide such business references on request.  Imagineers is designated as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a business grade ranking of A.  Our good name is our greatest asset.  This view is evident in the way we treat our clients, vendors and employees.  Our references are our greatest marketing tool.