Imagineers Testimonials

The Best!
Throughout the years I have owned a number of condominiums and can say from experience that the excellent support you and the Imagineers gave to me is not typical of many Property Management Companies. In my book I rank you as the best!!!

- Jack  B - August 2020

Imagineersí staff provides us with exemplary service. Imagineers is a first class operation and provides services no other property management company can.

- Peter  V. - July 2020

On Time and Polite
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the painting job that your employee Leo did. On time,polite,did a great job. Very satisfied.

- Karen  S; May 2020

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the rest of the office staff, for keeping us going through this pandemic. Alot of people are out of work and I just wanted to extend my appreciation to you and the rest of Imagineers for all your hard work and giving us a sense of normalcy during this time.

- Anonoymous  April 2020

Respnsve and Helpful
I wanted to say what a treasure you have in Peter Demaria. He is smart, organized, an excellent communicator. He has been the supervisor for the past two pre-paint jobs at Long Hill Farm and the projects have been completed with care and on-time. Not only did I not receive one complaint about the crew or work, but I received multiple comments on how good Peter was as well as his men. I will hope that Peter will be available for the 2021 repairs. Carolyn Raming is also wonderful. Always responsive and helpful.

- Marcy   C. April 2020

Work Ethic
There are two men who are on site, daily. They work for Imagineers. Early every morning, they are here. They work all day, without ubiquitous "coffee/smoke" breaks, I have noticed so often. Their progress is clearly evident. I have never seen so much work done on resident's decks. In addition, these men are courteous and go out of their way to say "hello" or wave. In fact, this morning a resident told me a story about how one of men had helped a unit owner by pointing-out something that was potentially dangerous. I have spoken to them to express how impressed I am by their work ethic.

- Charlie  M.; April 2020

Nice Guy!
I met w/Mike this a.m w/regard to my ceilings. I just want to say he was great,explained everything and just a really nice guy! Karen S.

- Karen  S.

Outstanding Job
Thank you for the follow-up on repairs to our ceiling after the leak in our chimney. We want you to know that Avdi did an outstanding job and everything looks like new!

- Eleanor   B. - March 2019

Outstanding Work Ethic
Just a very quick note to let you know what a great job Matt Donofrio has been doing since he came on board to manage the Hunter's Run property for your company. He has been super diligent in responding to even the most trivial of needs for our residents. His work ethic is outstanding and his demeanor is nothing but superior.

- Paul  P. February 2019

Super Responsive!
Thank you so much Sheila, you are a breath of fresh air, super responsive! Love it and truly appreciate it. Thank you!

- Carla  J. - February 2019

Friendly and Nice
I just saw Chris and he is on the case. Working with you and him is really easy. Both of you are so friendly and just nice people....

- Dave  G. January, 2019

Well Handled
The note is to say how professional and well the situation was handled by all parties involved. Mike, Carole and Jennifer handled an unpleasant situation better than I could have imagined. Again, thank you!

- Barbara  G. - January 2019

Hats Off!
Any chance you can come to Florida and manage our condo association down here, I think you and Imagineers do a terrific job! My hats off to all of you.

- Steve  D. November 2018

31 Very Happy Years
Imagineers and you, in particular, did a very good job with each and every one of my requests over these many years....I always found Imagineers responsive and professional, from the very start...

- Greg   A - October 2018

Thorough and Professional
Thank you so much for your quick response and repair to the water problem on the basement level. I was home when Jason was working on the problem and he did a thorough and professional job.

- Roberta   M. - October 2018

Impeccable Workmanship
We now have a bone dry basement foyer thanks to Lisa's impeccable workmanship. We have had a few contractors over the years, but none of them as talented as Lisa. She located the source of moisture and restored the damaged areas with great expertise.

- Cynthia &  Craig

Exceeded Expectations
Would like to compliment Garth from Imagineers Building/Maintenance deivsion for an excellent job he performed on Friday, June 22, 2018. Garth exceeded expectations and repaired and painted our garage ceiling in a timely manner. His work was perfect and a great clean up to boot....

- Richard   H. July 2018

We're So Happy
We're so happy that the repair project to our home is completed so nicely today! We thought that we should let you know how satisfied we are and how wonderful your team is, especially your Construction Supervisor, Scott Steeves.

- James and Tina  W - June 2018

Fantastic Renovation
Thank you all for a fantastic renovation job at our unit. The place looks amazing and your team was very accommodating and easy to work with.

- Nancy  S. April 2018

I Feel So Lucky
I can't get over the service that we got, on a Sunday night no less. I fell so luck to have such a helpful management company.

- Eve  S.; February 2018

Stress Free Process
I am writing you to express my appreciation for fixing my condo unit. I wanted to thank and praise Gary and his assistant for the work that they did on my unit. They maintained professionalism throughout the whole process and did a phenomenal job. They did an amazing job at clean up and making sure this was a stress free process.

- Jocelyn  B.: February 2018

My basement project was completed today by painter Geoffrey Mahoney. I wanted to compliment Geoff on his professionalism, personlity and more importantly his expertise. Thank you, Geoff is a plus for your company.

- Donna  S., February 2018

Jason did some work here yesterday and I just wanted someone to know I thought he did great work. He was professional and personable and didn't mind answering all my questions as I watched a bit. It was great to have someone both friendly and knowledgeable.

- Will  S.; January 2018

Hard Working
I am writing this note to inform you of Dave Fields position here at the Ridge. His hard working, willing to help everyone here and is well liked by everyone! His positive attitude is contagious.

- Joan   A., January 2018

Imagineers has been providing the Crossings property management service for 30 years. I am a board member and have found this company amazing. They are quick to respond to problems efficiently and take a personal interest to satisfy our unit owners. They are well versed in the law and provie excellent advice when difficult situations arise. They also have excellent resources and skilled staff both in the office and resolving maintenance issues. I would recommend them.

- Lynn  B., August 2017

Knowledgeable and Professional
Our condo complex has had a business relationship with Imagineers for easily 20 years now (even before I moved here). In that time I have joined the board and am now the president, so I have had plenty of opportunity to deal with them. They are knowledgeable, professional and completely transparent in how they manage our finances and business dealings. They make our jobs so much easier by carrying the burden for us. I strongly recommend that you keep them on your list if you are looking for a management company.

- Peter  L; August 2017

Wealth of Information
Imagineers has been managing my condo association since the 1980's. Our property manager is a wealth of information and knows the property inside out. I would not have any other company manage our Association. Couldn't be happier and more confident in their work.

- Kathi   L; August 2017

Polite and Businesslike
The staff of Imagineers has always been polite and businesslike. They manage a program for my housing authority and the audits I regularly conduct have all shown high quality work. Outside audits have also shown compliance with the regulations. I would recommend them to anyone needing the services they provide.

- Cathy  ; August 2017

Excellent company currently managing our condominium complex in Brookfield, CT. Company effectiveness measured in the quality of the Property Manager, ours is Suzanne, highly professional, knowledgeable, proactive and responsive.

- Tulio  L; August 2017

You Are So Wonderful
Carolyn, you would think you hung the moon you are so wonderful to so many and please know we so appreciate it. We talk about you all the time with nothing but praise.

- Marsha  B.; July 2017

Truly Impressed
The quality of work done to our unit has truly impressed us. The workers identified and corrected a great deal of rotten wood on our unit. The quality of their workmanship is excellent. They were polite, neat, and helpful. They were willing to answer any questions we had. You are fortunate to have employees like them.

- John & Elaine  D.; August 2017

I appreciate all the work (Marcy and Vicky) do for me and I want you to know this. Thanks for being our property management company.

- Karen  S.; August 2017

Above and Beyond
Mr. Floyd was extremely supportive throughout the entire process. He was always prompt in responding to any communication from me or the insurance company. I would have felt very isolated in the process if I had not had his help. I feel he went above and beyond what was expected to help finalize the claim so that repairs could commence.

- Linda  M.; August 2017

You are more than prompt! I am so impressed! Just to let you know...I know that my realtor told another realtor of somebody who is looking at my condo how quick, responsive and amazing Imagineers is!

- Tracy  C.; July 2017

Thank you!
Just wanted to say thank you to Joe our superintendent for fixing the leak below our sink! He was so responsive, removed his shoes so he didn't track mud through the house and cleaned up when the job was done. He even stopped by the next week to check in and make sure we didn't have any other issues with the plumbing.

- Mary  S.; July 2017

You're the Best!
Thank you very much for everything you've done. You're the best!

- Anne   M,; June 2017

Quick Service
I wanted to express my appreciation for being so prompt with responses! Thanks for your quick service, you're doing a great job!

- Harriet   S.; June 2017

Professional and Neat
I wanted to thank you. The repairman you sent over to fix the water damage was very professional, neat and he expedited things. He was the best service person to come to my house in over 30 years! If you ever have to send someone else out, send him!

- Richard  M.; June 2017

Diligence and Integrity
Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf. Your diligence and integrity have not gone unnoticed by those of us at Mallard's Landing.

- Will  B.; April 2017

Thank you!
I wanted to say thank you personally for helping us with the fallen tree incident on my car. Your help was SO appreciated! You were on-site within the hour! I can't thank you enough! You're all experts at what you do. Peace of mind is now mine because of you. Thank you!

- Arlene  C.; May 2017

It's Been a Pleasure!
As a result of my experience with Imagineers and most importantly Mr. Floyd, I would have no trouble recommending your services to anyone else in the condo complex. I have, in fact, already done that on two occassions. In short, it has been a pleasure doing business with Imagineers.

- Linda   M.; May 2017

We have many strong references from communities we currently manage. Please let us know if you would like telephone contact information for any of our client references or vendors. We have routinely provided prospective clients with the names and telephone numbers of the leaders of every client community not just a selection. Nobody else does that. We are well-regarded by suppliers, insurance agents, banks, realtors, attorneys and public accounting firms serving condominium associations throughout the state. We will provide such business references upon request. Imagineers is also designated as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a business grade ranking of A. Our good name is our greatest asset. This view is evident in the way we treat our clients, vendors, and employees. Our references are our greatest marketing tool.